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Client Testimonials

"In selling my home I needed a radon mitigation system installed which can be fairly routine. But my situation was different because of an underground spring that was swollen by the high water table in our area. In order to clear the airway under the basement and mitigate the radon, a sump pump system needed to be installed along with 30 feet of basement trenching and drain tile and 80 feet of outdoor trenching to carry the water through a drain tube to a sewer. I'm so glad I was referred to St. Louis Radon. They are experienced, highly skilled and trustworthy. And they have the hardest working crew I've ever seen. They worked through most of the night to help me meet my closing deadline. The end result was fantastic. The radon mitigation system virtually eliminated any trace of radon and the sump system helped abate the water issue in spite of the high water table. If you're looking for someone with integrity who will bust their tails to get the job done right at a fair price, I highly recommend St. Louis Radon for radon testing, mitigation, water abatement or any type of construction project you may have in your basement."

Steve S.


I just want to tell you what a great job Tom and his partners did on our radon system, Brian and I were very happy with the quality of work St. Louis Radon provided and have referred you to several friends. I know you come into contact with a large amount of homeowners who need Radon testing and mitigation, please consider using St. Louis Radon for any future Radon needs your clients or you and your family may have. If you or anyone would have questions please feel free to have them give me or Brian a call."

T. Baker

"St. Louis Radon,
Thank you soooo much! We (both agents) greatly appreciate all your hard work in completing this for us. I will definitely begin recommending you to my clients and my company. "

Thank you!

P. Cobaugh
Wm French BRES, Inc.

Thanks Tom and partners.

The owner's rep, our superintendent, and myself were all very pleased with how you conducted your self and performed the work. Very professional. Your firm will definitely have an advantage over others as the Radon rough in is now a mandatory part of every new MHDC housing project. I am sure we will be working together again in the future.

J. Dickshot

R.G. Ross Construction Company, Inc.

I was over there and talked to your dad and Shane. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and cleanliness of the work that was performed. They explained the system and they took great care in the location of the components. I just couldn't be more happy with your company's work, and getting this done before the closing. Thx"

Best regards,

R. Dreiling


"Hey St. Louis Radon,
Thanks for the amazing help with the Radon Meter! Before meeting you, I didn't have any information on Radon or the issues behind it! With all of your wonderful help and information I'm now very informed! I hope there's more people in the world like you, who can help educate everyone around them with information they do not know ! I'm very grateful that I met you and was fully able to understand Radon with your help! I'll recommend you to everyone I know, whenever they need any help with their home! If you ever need anything, just give me a call! Thanks Again it was pleasant doing business with you!"

H. Dulic

"I applaud St. Louis Radon for their professional work in mitigating radon issues in 13 of our 21 new Energy Star Certified homes. The outdoor temps were very hot and yet the staff continued to complete the job and they completed the job in just four days. I was there each day and watched the systems being installed. Since that time I have recommended that we add them to our development team and make the installation of the system part of construction for all new homes we develop and if needed install the exhaust motor in homes that need the mitigation. Outstanding company with friendly and courteous staff. System is very energy efficient, which is our goal in each home we build for low/moderate income families, and provides great service at little to no cost for the resident of the home."

P. L. Harris
Harris Consulting Services
St. Louis Regional Empowerment Zone Board Member
Illinois Weatherization Initiative Board Member


The first step to help ensure the safety of you and your family’s health and safety is to have your home tested for radon. At St. Louis Radon, our professional testers deploy the latest in computerized electronic real-time radon monitoring technology to provide you with a comprehensive report, including a complete visual graph of radon level data points as recorded over a 48-hour sampling period.

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If testing indicates levels of radon that require action, our team of engineers and technicians will design and install a custom radon mitigation system to safely and effectively redirect radon and other soil gasses out of your home. We also take additional measures to seal and close other possible breaches in the foundation that could let soil gasses into the through cracks or drain tiles systems.

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New Construction

With new home construction projects, it is crucial to determine the level of radon that may be present in the soil before the home is built. It’s also critical to have the new home retested for potential radon concentrations immediately following occupancy. We also highly recommend installing an Active Dampness Control System (ADC) with every new build.

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